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Information on ppp for FreeBSD, the current sources, and how to set it all up is available here. PPP is a full-featured, highly configurable user-level PPP implementation. It runs under FreeBSD version 2.0.5 and greater (it may even run on older versions, but I haven't heard any reports to confirm this). It also runs under OpenBSD and is reported to work ok under NetBSD-1.4.1 and upwards.


My mk-2.182 (59K) source code (free, written in C/C++ and may sometime be renamed) is available here. This program builds under various DOS compilers, OS/2 (using the emx package) and various flavours of unix including FreeBSD, Linux, Sequent Dynix, Sequent PTX and Unixware. It is a make, or build utility, designed for a multiuser, multi-machine, multi-cpu C/C++ development environment, and guarantees integral compilations. The [incomplete] documentation is available in postscript (361K) format, compressed postscript (43K) format and text (27K) format (not very pretty).


My tcpchat-1.3 (2K) source code (free, written in C) is available here. It performs a chat script according to the given expect/send arguments to the given socket on the given machine. This allows you to ``chat'' over a TCP connection to any TCP/IP based machine. It also allows you to probe the ports of a given machine to see which services are available. This can be quite useful! The source code is fairly straight forward, but has only been tested on FreeBSD. Tcpchat -? gives you a usage summary.

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